5 Main Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate

5 Main Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate
5 Main Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate

The essential element you would want to consider while running your website is to keep your customer glued to your website as long as possible. Even if you’re a small business owner starting your website or big corporation running it successfully for years When customers look into your products, services, or offering for a longer time, the better engagement and conversions you will get

When people visit your site and leave without scrolling next page within a few seconds this behavior calls Bouncing. Bounce rate is the percentage of site visits of a single-page session.

 A high bounce rate can be worrisome and can be damaging to your site. There are various reasons for having a high bounce rate for your website

Most of the bounce rate fall between 26% and 70%

Kissmetric has demonstrated an infographic that suggests the average bounce rate across all the industries

Top 5 Reasons Behind High Bounce Rate

Analyzing the bounce rate thoroughly will help you identify the reasons then take steps to rectify them 

·         Slow Page Loading Speed

RelationSHIP between page loading time and bounce rate

Slow page speed can be one of the main causes of the high bounce rate on your website. Page loading time is also an important factor from an SEO point of view since every major search engine algorithm gives bonus points to fast-loading pages. Visitors will leave your site and jump to somewhere else if it takes more than a few seconds to load the page. 

Platforms such as GTMetrics and Google’s Page Speed can check your site sped and apply the rectifying steps advised by the tools. 

  • Inadequate or sub-par Quality Content
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The solution is ignore below average content and concentrate on improving the quality. Google appreciates what your site is offering. If it is helpful your will be on top of the search engine results. If you have cumbersome content or uninteresting content you will face high bounce rate. Your content should be relevant to your audience

People find the solution to their problem after searching and landing on your site. If they get everything they need they will spend more time and even visit your door more often

  • Technical issues 

If your website is going through a high bounce rate, it shows some technical error. The plugins on your site can malfunction. The user can’t access the data some bug is stopping them.

Identifying the problem in coverage on the search console can be an optimal option. Check the website as an outsider to see if you can find reasons that can have caused a high bounce rate.

  • Bad link from another reference site

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your website. It is some outside factor such as an external link, sending an unauthorized user to your website. Since these users are fake they tend to leave your site as they don’t have an interest in your content

If you come across anything like that directly confront the website and ask the author to get rid of it.as it is affecting your traffic.

  • Bad user interface

If your webpage is flooded with data like ads, surveys, popups, the user will leave obviously you are not wrong in promoting the business but these kinds of tools are counterproductive resulting in giving you unfavorable results. Therefore website designing is an important aspect for your business.


Few other things like navigation mobile-friendliness and other UI elements should be your primary focus if you are going through a high bounce rate.

Make sure you have taken the required action to ignore these mistakes and enhance your bounce rate. This way you can accomplish the task of reducing the bounce rate.