Indian superfoods
Indian superfood

6 Indian Superfoods You Should be Eating to prioritize your health.

Superfood refers to food that has multiple nutrients. They are enriched with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. let’s agree we have witnessed all the hype about superfoods. Avocadoes, quinoa, blueberries to name a few. No doubt these are packed with nutrients and minerals but are they easily available? Are they pocket-friendly? I am highly doubtful about that. What if I say you have known these superfoods all your life and they are easily available in your kitchen. They are easy on your pockets too. Yes, I am talking about some Indian superfoods. let’s find out more than the name of these superfoods(which you have heard and eaten probably thousand times). including them in your diet can be a big game-changer.

  1. Ghee
  2. Raagi
  3. Dry Roasted Chana
  4. Makhana
  5. Gond 
  6. Daliya


ghee- indian superfood

In the last several decades Indian superfood ghee has been blamed for high levels of cholesterol and weight gain. But as they say, science is in a constant state of evolution

  • As per Ayurveda ghee improves memory, makes the nervous system and brain stronger.
  • According to National Centre for Biotechnology Information, A study on the rural population in India revealed a significantly lower occurrence of heart diseases in men who consumed a higher amount of ghee.
  • The cow ghee had been applied on wounds and burns for ages due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It helps you burn Fat. it has fatty acids that break down other fats resulting in fat loss. 
  • Have a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of Ghee to have easy bowel movements, it helps to strengthen your digestive system.
  • How a machine needs lubricant to function properly, Ghee is a lubricant for the body, as it helps in relieving joint pains. Protects the body from various diseases. Prevents arthritis.
  • Adding ghee to your Daal and subzi will make your meal wholesome as ghee absorbs more nutrients, far better than any refined vegetable oils. 
  • vitamin D is a fat soluble needs healthy dietery fats like Ghee for better if you are cutting down ghee from your diet, you also might be depriving your body from the benefits of vitamin D.
  • It contains a good amount of MUFAs(monounsaturated fatty acids) and PUFAs(polyunsaturated fatty acids), both of these are cardio-protective fats. It makes the heart stronger.
  • According to research done by National Dairy Institute in Karnal (published in the Indian Journal of medical research), Cow ghee Reduces the activation of cancer-causing carcinogens in the liver. 


raagi indian superfood

According to the study by national institute of nutrition Raagi, also known as finger millet has 3 times more calcium than cow milk.

Raagi – 344mgm/100 grams. 

Cow milk- 120mgms/100 grams.

  • If you are lactose intolerant, your calcium needs can be easily covered by Raagi

it strengthens your bones.

  • It controls blood sugar by lowering insulin levels, becoming an important supplement for a diabetic patient.
  • High content of iron and calcium makes it best suited for expectant mothers. 
  • Vitamin D is necessary to absorb calcium, guess who comes to the rescue? Raagi has an ample amount of calcium that helps in absorbtion of vitamin D.
  • It has a good source of dietary fibers and protein, keeps your stomach full for a longer time, thus helps in weight loss.
  • Potassium in Raagi keeps you energized for a long time. overall benefits of Raagi make it an ideal food choice for every age group of people.
  • How to include this superfood in your diet? You can make Raagi Dosa for breakfast, Raagi roti in lunch, Raagi cookies are a healthier option for mid-day snacks.

Dry Roasted Chana

indian superfood dry roasted chana
roasted Bengal gram

Do you binge on processed food or deep-fried snacks whenever mid-day hunger strikes? Dry Roasted Chana is the healthiest and underrated Indian superfood you should consume to overcome these cravings.

  • it is low in calories high in nutrients, it is loaded with protein (you get 20 grams of protein from consuming 100 grams of chana) and fiber. only a handful of them will keep you full for hours and help you lose weight without starving
  • it also cures your digestive problems and eases bowel movements.
  • magnesium and potassium in roasted chana promote good health for the heart
  • it is also an immunity booster. 
  • laddus made from the powder of roasted chana can be consumed during pregnancy to ensure the baby’s healthy growth 
  • it lowers the risk of anemia in pregnant women.


 indian superfood-makhana
makhana porridge

Do you struggle to find the perfect tea-time snack that doesn’t give you guilt like toast and biscuits?we have an answer i.e. Makhana, also known as fox nuts are the answer to unhealthy cravings? They are low on calories, fat, & sodium. Ghee roasted makhana seasoned with black pepper and black salt will be your go-to evening snack once you try it.

  • it is a key source of protein that helps in weight loss and building muscle mass.
  • They are high in calcium, thus strengthens bone health and teeth.
  • They have a low glycaemic index, so good food choices for diabetics.being high in fiber it solves all digestion related problems.
  • It helps kidneys to work better it also solves urine-related problems.
  • consuming a good amount of makhana will help you in sleeping better and controling blood pressure.
  • do not forget to include this Indian superfood as your tea time snacks say goodbye to those biscuits and rusk.rely on makhana instead.


indian superfood gond
gond ke laddu

Many of us have refused to eat Gond ke laddu in winters during our childhood because it sticks to our teeth, giving our tongue a full-time job. Well, unlike those health drinks (specially marketed for children), gond make our bone stronger for real. Now we understand why our mothers have been forcing this Indian superfood upon us. Gond is plant-based edible gum. sourced from babool tree.

  • despite the sticking nature gond has proven to be an elixir for new mothers. high amounts of fats, fiber, and protein provide strength, nourishment, energy, and stamina, it helps in the recovery after childbirth.
  • It also increases the quality and quantity of breast milk production, helping many lactating mothers who suffer from insufficient milk supply due to c-section delivery.
  • In winters it keeps the body warm, prevents seasonal virus infections, relieves constipation.
  • Taken in liquid form (gond katira aka tragacantha gum) like sherbet, it cools down the body. Prevents heat strokes. Cures dehydration. The gond we use in laddus is different from this gond. It comes from a different plant.
  • If you suffer from pain in the joints or knees, soak few teaspoons of gond katira overnight in water, it forms into jelly-like consistency, dilute it with jaggery and water. Drink this mixture on empty will help you regain strength and remove weakness from bones.
  • It is an effective natural remedy for treating men suffering from sexual improves libido and increases fertility & sperm count.


indian superfood daliya
daliya khichdi

Whenever I eat excessive junk food for two or more days, I go for daliya khichdi to fix my gut health and clean my stomach. This Indian superfood is a low-calorie high-fiber diet food. It comes from the wheat family, to put simply it is coarsely grounded wheat.

  • It is a versatile superfood that is high in fiber and protein thereby promotes healthy gut bacteria, prevents constipation. There is a famous saying “All disease begins in the gut”. Adding daliya to any of the meals will solve your gut-related problem.
  • It has a high amount of protein, facilitates muscle gain, thus it makes a wholesome option for breakfast. Either make sweet daliya porridge with fruits and nuts or make daliya upma using some fresh vegetables and some peanuts. 
  • It keeps blood sugar levels under control thereby becomes a go-to meal option for diabetics.
  • B vitamins in daliya promote metabolism and keep up your energies. Magnesium in daliya makes bones stronger and regulates heartbeat.
  • Daliya satisfies the nutrient requirement of all the age groups from toddlers to grown-ups to senior citizens.

The Bottom Line

All these Indian superfoods make your core body healthy, find a way to include them in your regular meal plan. Over a period of time when you treat them as comfort food, it will keep all the seasonal viruses and diseases at bay thereby making your immune system stronger than ever.

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