6 quick tips to enhance user experience on your landing page.

6 User Experience tips to improve conversion rate on your website.
6 User Experience tips to improve conversion rate on your website.

You can convert your visitors into your customers by building up the appeal and overall user experience of  landing pages.

If you are curious how to grow the rate of conversions from your paid ad campaigns? Then you should check the user experience provided by your landing pages. A landing page is a web page your customers reach when they click on of your paid ad campaign. It explain the nature of your business and services rendered by your firm. Your users are not likely to be patient enough to stick to your website for a longer time so you need strategies to make them stay back and read your page.  Your primary focus should be Creating an attractive landing page with good mixture of useful content and classic design.

Here are 6 tips to significantly improve the user experience of a landing page.

1. Mobile-friendly view

2. Engaging language

3. Specific content

4. Less chaotic design

5. Clear Call to Actions

6. Focus on the speed

At present it is hard to grab people’s attention as they can access multiple websites every day. Thus lets elaborate above described tips as you design a landing page

1.Mobile-friendly view

Mobile friendly pages are extremely important in the digital age

At present most of the online traffic comes through mobile devices

In addition to designing a good page, you have to make sure your visitor will be able to see the relevant images and significant information on your page. Optimising the site for mobile friendly view is a necessity.

2. Engaging Language

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 Make user benefit a priority instead of business profits. The information on landing page should be in customer interactive manner. It’s always beneficial to focus on user benefits to achieve more conversions and go easy on being salesy. Try to troubleshoot what is bothering the customers by imposing them the possible solutions. Talk to them in their language that will help you to convert your visitors into customers.

3. Specific content.
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To keep your users engaged you have to use clear & brief headings and paragraphs. Every important details about your product and services should be emphasised collect all the details about your target customers and learn what they really want. Google analytics will be a great help for this. Utilize this data in such a manner that it prompt a user to take an action like buying a product or signing up for a service

4. Less cumbersome design

Be a minimalist and stay away from crowding your design with countless elements. The fonts, the color schemes, and layouts should be designed in such a way that a user find easy to go through the page.  Coordination between content and design should not create confusion to the user. Stop for a moment and observe your design.

Align it to the purpose of the landing page and skip everything which is contradictory. Use high quality images to enhance your products.make it visually appealing by adding background videos and graphics

5. Clear call to action
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CTAs should be easy to detect and act upon

Place ‘call to action’ button for any further enquiry coming from a user to get into touch with your organisation. No one will tirelessly scroll for 5 minutes to reach an enquiry button. Lastly take a glance on your landing page design if it makes user to take an action or not. These are the minimum steps you can tane in order to get your langsung page ready. Then it will help you to convert visitors into customers

6. Focus on the Loading speed
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The drawback or keeping a customer waiting is they will move to another page. That will increase in bounce rate of your website.

Loading speed is a crucial point in determining the success of a web page. This era is all about getting things done faster since everyone is running or of time to keep up with the busy lifestyle. faster the loading speed the better the  experience. Experience. After designing a new landing page don’t forget to check the listing speed and make sure the page is up in nanoseconds.

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