easy tips to generate leads

8 easy tips to generate leads for your business in 2021.

Bringing a regular flow of customers to your business has never been an easy task in this competitive era, where you find everything in one click. Due to Covid-19, many businesses have been shut; resisting the power of the digital world, whereas many businesses flourish using various social media marketing techniques. Generating leads from the various digital platform is going to help you in growing your business.

 Lead generation:

 Lead generation is an effective process, it starts with identifying potential customers, attracting their interest in your product or services, and driving them to make a sale thus converting the prospects into paying customers.

It helps the entity in growing the business with a reliable base of customers with an increased flow of income.

Below we have mentioned simple yet easy methods and tips for lead generation for your business from various sources.

1. Email Marketing

2. Optimising Social Media Platforms-Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

3. Posting Blogs on Website 

4. Client Testimonials 

5. Providing Special Offers and Discount

6. Clear Call to Action

7. Networking at Events 

8. Retargeting Existing Leads 

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most efficient tools of digital marketing. First, narrow down your target audience, then segment them into sections for sending emails.

well-drafted introductory emails set up the tone of professional relationships. This is where you describe the nature of your business, product, or service and how it can be beneficial to the client. Clients may subscribe to your emails if they are further interested in your business. Once your clients have subscribed to the email newsletter you can send them various promotional offers, a new product release, company announcement, it helps to maintain communication with the subscribers. All these efforts can lead to a conversion thus the addition of a new client to your business.

You must send personalized emails, avoid sending the same email to every client.

benefits of email marketing on business
 easy tips to generate leads
most useful performance metrics and most important objectives of email marketing

An infographic from the campaign monitor shows the most useful performance metrics and most important objectives of email marketing.

2.Optimising Social Media Platforms-Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn

Being active and consistently posting on various social media platforms can bring new clients. According to a study by Statista, it is estimated that, in 2020, there are around 3.6 billion people using social media around the globe. 

Using Facebook, you can leverage from Facebook ad feature and promote your business. Or you can set up a page in name of your business and post relevant content and engage with customers. Since Facebook group posts are more likely to be seen on the timeline, you can create a Facebook group and interact with your potential leads.

Instagram is a growing platform for small businesses,  50% of people have visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service in Stories. 61% of Instagram users used the Support Small Business Sticker in Stories during its first month. More businesses are leaning towards influencer marketing on Instagram.

LinkedIn is known to be a more professional social media platform, here you can connect with people through their job or profession rather than their demographics 96% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn for organic social marketing.

Twitter is the most famous social media marketing platform for organizations. According to CMI research, 95% of UK marketers choose Twitter as a content marketing platform for generating the lead.

Make a content calendar for your social media account and plan relevant content throughout the month. This will help you in 2 things 1) brand recognition 2) attracting more traffic, resulting in more lead generation from prospects. You will be seen more; you will sell more

social media platforms used by content marketers
easy tips to generate leads

Source: Content Marketing Institute

3.Posting Blogs on Website 

Small business or a multinational company, owning a website is a crucial component of any business. Customers will be able to find you in one click, your product portfolio will have an address. Assuming you are selling kitchen appliances you can write blogs about trending smoothies’ recipes to promote sales of your blender. Share useful kitchen tips. Post a video on how to bake a cake using your Oven, Also set up interactive sessions such as Q&A to increase engagement on your website. Google notices and reflects by ranking your website higher. Using the right CTA some visitors will convert into a lead.

Infographic by ignitepost shows statistics about blogging for business

statistics about blogging for business
easy tips to generate leads
statistics about blogging for business

4.Client Testimonials                                                                             

Nothing is more reassuring than reading positive customer reviews about the product you are about to purchase. Client testimonials are like word of mouth for the digital world, it never fails to show results. Post success stories of clients on social media and website to assure potential customers about the credibility of your products and services.

5.Providing Special Offers and Discount

provide exclusive offers to your customers they can’t say NO to. there are high chances of locking a new customer on a limited period offer or discounted price rather than a regular price. You can run loyalty programs and offer personal discounts on birthdays and anniversaries. bundle few products together and sell them under combo offer with a reduced price.

6.Clear Call to Action

Decide the call to action you want your customer to take beforehand whether it is subscribing to a newsletter, making a call, clicking a link. CTAs are created to take your website visitors to a specific place on your page and complete an action. Fewer CTA wouldn’t confuse the customer and he/she will make a conversion.

7. Networking at Events 

In old times you would meet someone, talk for a while, hand out your business card and start doing business with them. Even with all social media and digital market, nothing beats face-to-face networking. You can host events, pitch your product at a seminar, you can also start networking with local businessmen. This way you make contacts and people remember they meet personally and trust them easily.

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8.Retargeting Existing Leads

Retargeting is a long-term marketing strategy for businesses Retargeting an old customer is easier than finding a new one. Acknowledge your recent developments. Promote them your bestseller, they have already done business with you so they are familiar with the value you provide. It’s all about customized offers you make to your existing customers, A gentle nudge that moves towards a conversion.


Lead generation is not a one-time pursuit, you must maintain consistency in your efforts, you may not get an overwhelming response in the initial stage but with constant efforts using these methods, you will find success over time.

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