Beginners tips for successful Content Writing

What is content writing?

Content writing is processing, editing, and planning web content, typically for digital marketing purposes. It can also include writing blog posts and article writeup or a scrip video even a podcast.

Difference between creative article writing and content writing?

Now it might sound the same, but in content writing, you rewrite or edit the already written article topic in a unique way, but at the same time creative writing you have to have to pick up a unique title itself, With a creative body of the article which is no posted on the web before.

How to start content writing :


Creating an outline is one of the big great steps, it can help you order your multiple thoughts in place. This will help you speed up your space and also help you write better and more in a small amount of time.

The outline will also help you have a better structure for your writing. Cause you already have the pointers in your head.

Unique writing

Even though the content you are writing might already be on the web or maybe not, no content should be reused as it may cause issues of plagiarism,  should be grammatically correct and should sound professional and the content should make sense.


Try to keep your template consistent, while writing any content post, the niche should be the same as well the writing style should not differ.

Easy content

Make the content persistent and make content that makes easy sense to people, doesn’t use heavy words as it can end up in losing many people’s interest. Keep it snappy rick and entertaining. Give steps to some process or write relatable situations, to gain more eye-catching content.


give it a catchy headline, now some things are similar about content writing with basic creative writing, the headline should be good to get people’s attention. The headline is the first thing people mostly see to make sure it’s attractive.

Chandrima Bhattacharya
I am a 20 year old journalism and strategic communication student. I have experienced how the media and content posted on OTT platform and social media transform lives . i am a regular user of social media and also Acknowledge Social media platforms have been highly influenced during this pandemic , and I am willing to write and put out young content and content that makes sense to individuals.