Google Announces Product Reviews Algorithm Update

Google Announces Product Reviews Algorithm Update

Google Announces Product Reviews Algorithm Update
Google Announces Product Reviews Algorithm Update

Google announced its latest search algorithm update which is The Product Reviews Update. This update is going to help its users in getting relevant information.

The primary Goal of the Google algorithm update is to get rid off thin content and appreciate in-depth & well researched content based product reviews by experts on the topic or product enthusiasts who has better knowledge about their content.

Google’s announcement on the product reviews update states-

“Google search is consistently working to show relevant and effective information after closely examining and researching, thus we have come to conclusion that people love product reviews which are backed by in-depth research instead of content that just gives gist of handful of products. Hence we are sharing improved version of our ranking system which is called the product reviews update, which is going to reward superior content that is well researched and analysed”

Google acknowledges that product information and reviews are core part of buying behaviour. So well researched & thoughtful analytical product reviews will rank higher on the SERPs. With a view to giving our users useful content.

The after effects of the new Google Algorithm Update on all sites.

The latest Google Algorithm Update or the product reviews update will affect all the sites that shares product reviews. To unfold all the benefits, websites have to incorporate complete information, research and insights about product reviews and testimonials to secure higher positions in ranking.

The new Benchmark of product reviews based on the Google update-

  1. Detailed analysis of products
  2. Reviews of comparing contemporary products as well as different version of same product.
  3. Thoroughly researched content written by experts who knows the subject well and product enthusiasts.
  4. Involve quantitative analysis and data that make decision making process easier for users.

It is also necessary to regulate traffic and identify unusual change to be on top. Take a look on website’s organic traffic from different sources and make appropriate changes to the product reviews

Does the Google Update attract a penalty?

The product reviews update doesn’t incur any penalty but; if your competition excels in meeting Google’s benchmark of product reviews then they will secure a higher rank and that might give you a little push to a lower rank. For this reason website with short ambiguous or just a gist of the products has to fight a tough battle to gain a higher ranking on the search result.

Google also mentioned that this update is not identified as a core update, as it is only applicable for English reviews as of now.

Recovering from Google’s product review update

If your website had a negative effect on using the new Google algorithm update, then you can be on other side of coin using following steps.

  1. The reviews should have an expert opinion on the products, written by expert or avid user who has sufficient knowledge about the product/topic.
  2. Incorporate product demo as well as comparing the product performance data.
  3. Above and beyond researched content with unique selling point (what differentiate the product from competition)
  4. Add similar kinds of product in a list or suggesting the best suitable product for different scenarios will also help.
  5. Show the graph of growth of the product in given time.
  6. Include decision making features of the products as well as compare performance in different areas 
  7. Giving genuine reason why the design of a product will enhance user experience other than what producer claims

As of now the product reviews update is targeted at only product reviews but the google algorithm update has caliber to take over the service reviews also.