How to have a successful YouTube channel in 2021

Becoming a YouTuber has not only become the easiest way to earn money but also to gain popularity and self-recognition. It has a vast career field. It caters to influencers, travel vlogs, cooking channels, music pages, and many more, the sky is the limit for YouTube. It can also be called the second biggest search engine after google. But to have a successful YouTube channel there is a lot that goes behind.

1. let’s start with choosing a niche and signing up as a YouTuber with a channel name, now it’s very important to have a creative channel name as well, it should be related to your niche topic and should attract people’s attention in one go.

2. planning your creatives is the second most important thing to do as monotonous your content starts to become more viewers you lose, you have to make sure that your content is persistently interesting and valuable to your viewers, don’t jump from one niche to another, stick to one and make it work, that the biggest secret of success.

3. persistence is not only needed in the creative field but also in the way you present it, be regular, the constant upload and engagement with your viewers can be the biggest achievement you can get, as it will not only gain you loyal fan following but also, genuine criticism and feedback.

4.  use well-developed editing software, as it will give you the best results in your creation process, the more innovative you become in the editing process more engaging the content will be, also make a persistent and catchy intro with the same template as it will signify your personal style and thoughts.

5. Engage with viewers ask for opinions and feedback, suggestive feedbacks are always great for further betterment of your work, work on things that your viewers like, and that will end you up with your own loyal fan base.

Happy YouTubing  

Chandrima Bhattacharya
I am a 20 year old journalism and strategic communication student. I have experienced how the media and content posted on OTT platform and social media transform lives . i am a regular user of social media and also Acknowledge Social media platforms have been highly influenced during this pandemic , and I am willing to write and put out young content and content that makes sense to individuals.