Importance of E-commerce Over Traditional Marketing

Every business person aims to develop and achieve greater heights for his business. For the successive growth of each company, it is predicated on a special way of promotion they choose. Marketing is the best way of promoting a business by building and fulfilling customer relationships.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing may be termed as a marketing technic used before the internet’s popularity. It’s the foremost common sort of marketing method that we see. In traditional marketing, the advertisement is especially supported printing, and now TV and Radio technics are used when broadcasting starts.


E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce. This method suggests buying and selling of products through online service. Today many folks are using e-commerce applications during this time. E-Commerce plays a crucial role in our day-to-day life.

Why E-commerce?

Today, the revolution in the www plays a crucial role in our lifestyle. Aside from social media, the most reason for web user development is e-commerce. Now, the internet connects all business, marketing and social activities. During this digital era, the internet plays an excellent role in our lifestyle. Internet invention changes the entire of human society, business, and the economy also as political systems, education, and communities around the globe.

As we all are spending more time using the web for our works, research, marketing, learning, entertainment activities, etc. Within the entire world, e-commerce plays a crucial role within the field of business. Because of e-commerce applications, every business became faster, better, and smarter.

Importance of e-commerce over traditional marketing.

  • Direct interaction with the customer
  • Low cost while comparing traditional marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Brand Value
  • Direct interaction with the customer

Today, customers are more interested to shop for products from the brand itself. There the supply of products is 24*7*365 days. Also, the supply of each product is predicated on the demand for the merchandise. But within the traditional system, it’s consistent with the availability side.

Low cost while comparing traditional marketing

In E-commerce, the customer can purchase their products directly from the manufacturing unit. An e-commerce application provides a channel for purchasing merchandise. But when it reaches the normal market there are many agencies in between customer and manufacturing unit.

Customer Service

There is a customer care support of 24*7*365 days screen face interaction. But in traditional marketing, it’s only face-to-face interaction for a limited time.

Brand Value

In traditional marketing, the brand value is restricted to a specific area. But in E-commerce, within a brief time and low budget, the brand value reaches worldwide.

In the case of a standard marketing technique, there’s no direct contact between the corporate and customers. But in E-commerce, the purchasers and consumers are directly connected to every other. There’s direct contact with

Companies to Companies 

Business transactions happen between two Companies.

  1. Companies to Customer

Business transactions happen between a corporate and a customer.

  • Customer to Companies

Business transactions happen between customer and company.

  • Customer to Customer

Business transactions happen between 1 customer and another customer.

Disadvantageous in E-commerce

The main disadvantages of using an e-commerce system are while comparing with the normal market during this the customer didn’t have any physical contact with the merchandise and a little time delay for the merchandise that you simply ordered.

Examples of e-commerce

Online Shopping

• Internet banking

• E-wallet

• E-tickets, etc..,

Therefore, from the above, it’s quite clear that the advantages and disadvantages of traditional marketing and e-commerce. 

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