Latest Job Trends in Digital Marketing-2022

Digital marketing as online marketing connect with people to promote the brands through the internet and digital communication. Communication is conducted through Digital Technology and Social Media.

You being a potential candidate, need to get ahead in digital marketing today, and for that, you have to discover and boost your allure or brand. You can do it by comparing your current abilities with the skills others are demanding. This blog post will let you know about the Latest Digital Marketing Job Trends-2022. You will also learn about how digital nomads continue to rise and what challenges an employer faces now after the acceleration of the GIG Economy.

The Digital Nomads are the Rising

Before diving deep into how digital nomads make more money, let me define what Nomads are.

People who are independent of the location to perform their job, rather they use technology or work remotely are the Digital Nomads.

Workers have decided to follow a GIG Lifestyle for their job lives in the past span. The reason for this thought was the online services and apps which make people work in new ways rather than traditional 90to 5 jobs. An interesting fact is that before the pandemic, about 40 million US citizens were GIG Workers, and this will continue to balloon as The State of Independence In America reported. 

Digital Marketers are now selecting the digital nomad route to make their own work and flexibility. So, you can say that the Digital Gig Economy will continue to rise and opens up the door for digital marketing professionals with in-demand skills.

 2022 is going to be a Huge Challenge for an Employer

The Director of DMI, Orla Stack believes that if they will not move fast to meet their candidates tomorrow, they will lose them because the workers move quickly. The rise of the GIG economy and the demand for Digital Expertise made it hard to find and retain talent in companies all over the world.

According to Orla Stack, 2022 will be a big challenge for the employer because 60% of UK workers are planning to change their careers this year. So, the company needs to find out what employees value now and revise its Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to attract and retain the talent.


In an overall Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing must be the prime focus of the business. This is so because digital communication gives a consistent contact with the customer and supplier with a standard level of personalization. An organization or a brand must have to embrace themselves with digital marketing, the more they hold it, the more growth they will attain.

Azra Rasheed
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