Measuring organic search visibility for SEO, Steps you should know as a beginner

Are you thinking about how much reach your company makes?

If so, an eye on organic search visibility for SEO is highly required.

You might be thinking about what SEO is? SEO stands for search engine optimization. It simply means the process of improving your site to increase its visibility when people search for goods or services related to your business. The percentage of clicks that your content might get based on organic ranking position and analyzing the keywords is said to be the search visibility score. There you will see how well your site is performing in search visibility and analyze through the organic search result.

How are search engines ranking a website?

Search visibility on different days on various platforms can be found in the ranking section and you can find it on the top of each tab of your campaign. you can choose your area of preference by filtering according to your interest. For example, if you want to know about your competitiveness with other competitors you just need to click on the competition tab.

Now you to calculate your search visibility and we as a leading SEO marketing company in Kerala we will help you in this matter Take all the rankings of your keywords in function Based on google rankings take estimated click-through rates Add all the click-through rates and divide with the number of keywords used in the campaign to get the metrics from 0-100 percentage (take 2 decimals) if search visibility is 0 that means you don’t have any ranks in the first fifty rankings. On the other hand, if it is 100% then it means you own all the ranking positions for your keywords. Usually, one will obtain a score above 30. After obtaining the score you can track your search engine visibility, to compare the visibility and search engines with the competitors. if there are any sudden changes in visibility it is important to analyze the factors causing them.

The first and foremost reason can be the addition and the removal of new keywords and old ones from the campaign. This is because of a change in the data set used to check your visibility, the result will also change automatically. if you add a highly valued keyword there will be a hike in the visibility and if a highly used keyword is removed then lower the visibility.

The second reason is the change in ranks that you have employed. You can find this out from the ranking section where you can find the keywords that are in rank and also find out which have lost their relevance.

The additional, removal, or a change in your tracked search engines can be the third reason. This would change the visibility as your site have different rankings on different platforms you choose to track.

The algorithm changes might be the fourth the reason as google often changes its ranking algorithm and this might affect your ranking and visibility. Any changes in the algorithm will be updated in the ranking section of your search visibility graph migration to a new domain will be another reason.

A change in the domain for example from HTTP to HTTPS also can affect the overall ranking. you can check with your web developer or hosting provider if there are any such changes


Now if you are looking for a better search visibility here, Digital Maestroz is one of the top SEO companies in Kerala and we provide you a few tips to follow.

Target Long-Tail Keywords
It’s better to go for a keyword that is not that competitive. One of the main mistakes caused by many is by selecting a keyword that has many searches which can cause high competition. Therefore, it is always better to choose a long tail keyword.

Check your website’s mobile-friendliness
Google prefers mobile-friendly websites. So, it is always better to check with your console to know whether there are any glitches while viewing through mobile.

SEO-Tips for beginners

Improve your Title and Description Tag

By making the title attractive, the viewers will tend to see what the site provides. This will determine your ranking through organic click-through rates.

Backlinks from prominent sites

Backlinks can always create better search engine visibility, so it is always better to get backlinks from your niche.

Content Dwell Time


Google ranks a page considering many factors. One of them is the time spent by a viewer on your page. If someone enters and exits your page within a few seconds then it means that your page is not providing enough information, will affect your page negatively and vice versa. increase the interest of the viewer by giving a content title, infographics, citations, and last updated date.

Try to push second-ranking pages to first

Viewers always prefer first ranking pages over the second-ranking pages. so, try to find out what is the cause for your page to lag. It might be because of some silly mistake. Find out what is lagging you behind and improve the content in your blog such that it provides more information to the viewers.

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