Pegasus spying : Everything you need to know about it.

Pegasus is spyware developed by the Israel cyber arms firm NSO group that can be installed on phones running both iOS & android. This spyware can infect a phone via a website link or Whatsapp call. 


  • Can be installed through a Whatsapp call or website link.
  • The spyware can hack passwords, contacts, call logs, etc.
  • The only way is to get rid of the phone if it has Pegasus.

This spyware was first noticed in 2016 but became famous in late 2019 after snooping on journalists and activists across the globe even in India.


How is Pegasus installed on a phone?

At first, it was used to gain access using a website link through message or mail. Once the user clicked on the link, Pegasus will be installed on the phone. 

Later it was found that even though a Whatsapp call, this spyware can be installed.

What Pegasus can do?

  • According to researchers, after its installation, it could control and gather information from the infected device.
  • Stealing passwords, contacts, text messages, accessing the phone’s camera, microphone, GPS, etc are some of the effects of the Pegasus.
  • According to various reports, this malware is designed to avoid forensic analysis, avoid detection by anti-virus software, and can be both deactivated and removed by the operators remotely.

How To Get Rid of Pegasus?

  • The only way to get rid of Pegasus is to discard the phone that has been affected.
  • For the online accounts, change the passwords of cloud-based applications that you used in the infected device.

Should you worry about Pegasus?

  • This depends on the profession of the user. Because this malware is usually used against lawyers, journalists, politicians, and people who are keeping top-secret information. If you are one of them, chances are high.
  • For normal people, the chances are less as this is old spyware. So most companies like Google, Microsoft, etc have researched and patched the loopholes in their software that worked early for this type of spyware attack.

So, we should not worry but have to be cautious…