Social media vs teenagers, tips to follow

Social media is one of the bigger parts of human life nowadays and it not only hampers ones physical well being but also psychological well being. Nevertheless, it is used by not only teenagers but also by young adults and above but as per research it mostly affects the psyche of young teenagers as they are more prone to being influence by watching manipulating content on social media, According to pew report 2018 45% of 13- 17 year old are 97% always online on social media. They use platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and many more.

Social media is a wide platform for teenagers to explore their identity and likes and dislikes, now almost every kind of content is found on any social networking site, everything is just one click away. It is a generic base of entertainment also sometimes the platform is also used to gain knowledge or learn something new. Even though it is helpful in many ways but it also has many downfalls.

 Such as :

 Social media is not just mare distraction but it also can get addictive and can lead to disrupting your sleep cycle, it is also a platform where everybody wants to show the best side of themselves thus also leads to also of a negative impact and peer pressure on the person who is working hard to cope with the trend, it also encourages cyberbullying and spreading of personal information or false rumours. According to a survey young teens who use social media more than 12 hours a day can lead to having mental health issues like anxiety, depression, many other mood disorders.

Steps that can be taken to protect teens from social media

Set reasonable limits

Teens do not understand the terms when forced to them, in this situation they can only be calmly advised  about how they can divide their daily routine in a healthy way so that they don’t end up wasting an entire day on social media platforms,

Monitor them and give them incentives/feedback

Check on their time to time and give them incentives for listening to you can rewarding can be one of the biggest attributes to change of personals behaviour. Constant feedback anytime they do something can make them feel appreciated and wanted. If you feel that because of this prevention your child feel any kind of psychological discomfort immediately inform the doctor.

Chandrima Bhattacharya
I am a 20 year old journalism and strategic communication student. I have experienced how the media and content posted on OTT platform and social media transform lives . i am a regular user of social media and also Acknowledge Social media platforms have been highly influenced during this pandemic , and I am willing to write and put out young content and content that makes sense to individuals.