What is a soulmate?

Is it someone whom we call a soul

Or Is it someone who holds us when we are sad

Or Is it someone who understands us even with a single look.

Soulmate, a funny word

In this funny world

Were everything is on a vanishing mode

In this maze of mistakes

Soulmate is also a mistake.for me

They say soulmate

Someone connected with a red thread.

Someone who love even you don’t love yourself

Someone who challenges you to be better

Someone who challenges you to not change yourself

Someone who makes you feel warm.

And someone who stands beside you in ups and downs.

But when I say hello from my side

There is still no answer

All I can feel is the coldness

Even without a sign of warmth

Soulmate with whose name I can feel tears in my eyes.

So Is the soulmate true?