The Complete Tube Mastery and Monetization Program

YouTube plays an important part in our life. Youtubers are stars~self-made celebrities-people who have earned an audience by creating video content on the web.

When a person starts a channel his/her main focus is to make content relatable to audience so that channel is optimised.

Ways to Montize Youtube videos even if you have less subscribers and watch hours

Connect Youtube to Google adsense

🚀First things first:AdSense
🚀Fill your funnels
🚀Affiliate Marketing
🚀Monitise Youtube channel with brand sponsors
🚀Become an Amazon Influencer
🚀Benefit from YouTube Red Subscribers
🚀Sell Merch

Steps to make money on Youtube

🛠Choose a Niche
🛠Create a Youtube channel
🛠Understand Google Ads
🚀CPC ( cost per click)
🚀CPV ( cost per view)
🛠Choose high CPC keywords and create videos
🛠Apply for Adsense

Youtube Channel Ideas

youtube channel

🔥Gaming Channel
🔥Online product or service review channel
🔥Compilation channel
🔥Online Tutorial channel
🔥Animation channel
🔥Turn presentation into videos channel
🔥Music channel without video footage
🔥Photography channel
🔥Podcast Promotion channel

Tips to shoot Youtube Videos for a beginner

youtube videos

🎯Get in close
🎯Notice the background
🎯Make it steady
🎯Let there be sufficient light
🎯Recording is must
🎯Say No to Digital zoom
🎯Have an adequate headroom
🎯Frame your Shot
🎯Shoot B-Roll
🎯Special Effects

Best tools for Youtubers

💪Tubebuddy-Best free Optimization tool for youtubers
💪Streamlabs OBS-Free Live-streaming and screen recorder
💪Lightworks-Free video editing tool
💪Canva-Free Graphic Designing tool
💪Youtube Creator Studio( and app)
💪VidlQ-Free Youtube optimization tool
💪Youtube Audio Library-free music and sound for youtubers

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