The exploitation of women in cybercrime

 Cybercrime is any kind of unlawful activity done within the web, and mostly it conducts exploitation of personal data, to cause and other malicious activities.

Harassment through emails

Harassment via email, is inclusive of threats, blackmails, nudity, contently sending inappropriate messages violating sexual codes, is all-inclusive of harassment.

Hacking of personal data from social media

Social media hacking mostly Facebook and Instagram is becoming one the most common crimes committed by cyber hackers, as most of our personal chats and also sensitive information is contained inside our personal social media account.

This can also lead to either uninformed

  • Child or adolescence pornography or graphic images

Child sexually abusive material ( CSAM ) refers to the material sexual image in any form, of a child who is abused or sexually exploited.  

This can further lead to cyberbullying and other assault

A type of harassment or bullying inflicted through the employment of electronic or communication devices like computers, mobile, phones, laptops, etc.

Cyber grooming or cyberstalking

 There is a thin line between both of them.

Stalkers are strengthened by the anonymity the net offers. . He may be on the other side of the earth or sometimes it can also be a neighbor or relative. Cyber Grooming is when someone builds a web relationship with a juvenile and tricks or pressures him/ her into doing a sexual act.

Cyber Defaming  

Cyber defamation also called cyber smearing is alsounderstood because the intentional infringement of ‘ another person’s right to his good name’ cyber defamation occurs with the help of computers or the internet. It is considered more of a menace owing to its expenditure nature.

Further prevention can be taken in

the case of cybercrimes, a victim may contact the closest cyber cell or a police office.

A complaint may also be filed anonymously through the national cybercrime reporting portal ( cyber )

To. File a complaint alleging commission of cybercrime the following documents must be provided so that suspects are arrested easily, but the biggest prevention you can get is by having a strong security number or software that prevent hackers to hack easily if your devices contain sensitive information

Chandrima Bhattacharya
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