Three Most In-Demand jobs in Digital Marketing

Industries shifted towards the Virtual after the pandemic, and demand for digital roles from marketers has risen. This has become important to know which skills we need to get ahead in Marketing in the present situation. LinkedIn says Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Account Executive, and Social Media Manager are the 3 Most In-Demand Jobs in Digital Marketing after their internal data survey.

These mentioned skills depend upon the volume of job postings on LinkedIn, as half of the top posted jobs are in the digital space. Read this blog post to know more about these three top occupations and nurture yourself to become an irreplaceable professional

1.  Digital Marketing Specialist

A Digital Marketing Specialist develops and manages campaigns and strategies to maintain the BRAND. They perform market research, compare companies’ advertising techniques with their competitors and create lucrative content for their company. They must keep an eye on changing trends and ensure that their potential clients consume their products.

What Does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do?

Here you can find the role of a Digital Marketer:

  • They study the advertising ideas
  • Digital Marketers research the products and prices of opponents.
  • They create content according to customers and place ads appropriately.
  • Marketing Specialists also publish the brand content online, develop email marketing campaigns and strictly monetize the system.

A Digital Marketing Specialist Salary?

The average turnover of a US-based Digital Marketing Specialist is $135,212 per annum.

2.  Digital Account Executive

A Digital Account Executive or Manager maintain a high renewal rate, form rapport with the client, and enhance branding by leveraging the digital campaigns. They consult with clients on different facets of conversion, user acquisitions, audience segmentation, and SEO/SEM. They are liable for planning, formulating, and dealing with clients’ digital strategies to achieve their goals. 

What Does a Digital Account Executive Do?

 You will get a clearer picture of the roles and responsibilities of a Digital Account Executive by reading further:

  • They determine clients’ needs or wants and plan a digital strategy of clients’ work to define the goal.
  • Accesses clients on social media and analyzes the effectiveness of digital campaigns.
  • The Digital Account Manager implement Metrics and Smart KPIs (key performance indicator), and also they recommend digital strategies to increase their ROI (return on investment)
  • They prepare progress reports and answer clients’ queries.

A Digital Account Executive Salary?

An average income of a Digital Account Executive is $33,600 per annum.

3.  Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager develops content strategy, keeping in mind the audience’s needs and wants, and drives the company’s social media platform. Social media is a crucial marketing area, and a social media manager learns the desires, frustrations, and needs of corporations, brands, government officials, and celebrities. You can say that a Social Media Manager leads to a variety of social media grounds.

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

Go through the tasks if you are interested in occupied as Social Media Manager:

  • A Social Media Manager boosts the company profile and increases followers.
  • They execute social campaigns that align with the company’s marketing strategy and always try to generate evergreen content.
  • They analyze how the company’s content and posts are performing.
  • They are responsible for posting and monitoring all social media platforms and generating a report on time.

A Social Media Manager Salary?

Social Media Manager earns an average salary of $73,229 per year.


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